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Wind Deflectors


How do wind deflectors help?

They help in many ways. You can leave the window open an inch or two when parked to keep the interior cool without fear of rain. You can get fresh air, not air conditioned air, into the car all the time. If it rains you can still have the window open partially without getting wet. They are ideal if you smoke for getting rid of stale air and ideal if you have pets for leaving adequate ventilation. They also help to stop misting windows when it rains, condensation in the winter, and cut down the amount of side glare from the sun.

What if my vehicle isn't listed?
We have a comprehensive list of vehicles but occasionally, particularly on newer models, we will not show any available products. If this is the case, please contact us and we will do our best to help. We are always adding new products to our catalogue and will publish these new releases in the news section.

Are DGA deflectors OK with electric windows?
Yes, they are designed to fit and work with electric windows.

Are DGA deflectors safe to take through a car wash?
Yes, with normal precautions as for any other accessory.

Do I have to fit clips, screws or use adhesive tape?
No, only a very small number of deflectors requires one small clip. All the others have no clips, screws or adhesive tape, they just spring in. Some DGA deflectors stick on the outside. This is about 5% of applications and we use the very highest quality tape. Please see our application list to see which model fits your car.

Does the bottom edge of the deflector rest on top of the window rubber seal or go into the slot?
The bottom edge rests on top of the window seal. It's this that wedges the deflector into the window frame. It is important that the edge rests on the hard part of the rubber not the soft internal part.This will be explained in the instructions.

Do I have to lubricate the thin milled edge of the deflector before I fit them into the window channel?
Yes, this will help the fitting. Try a silicone polish or spray, or even washing up fluid. Do not use oil, grease, or a maintenance spray. These will only hold grit and dirt.

Are DGA deflectors guaranteed?
Yes, all DGA deflectors come with a two year guarantee.

Do window deflectors reduce side glare?
Yes, all DGA deflectors are tinted so not only do they reduce wind and rain but side glare as well.

Does the thin milled edge of the deflector go between the window rubber and the metal edge of the door frame?
No, it fits into the same channel used by the window glass.

Do I have to clean the top area of the window glass before I fit the deflector?
Yes, again this will help the fit. Standard window cleaner is fine.

What colour are they?
Light smoke grey to match your cars tinted windows. They will blend in with a clear window but most car windows are now lightly tinted.

What do I do if my deflectors arrive damaged?
We take care to ensure that we use specialised carriers but breakages do happen. If this happens, either refuse delivery or sign the carrier's paperwork that the goods are damaged and contact us immediately. You can email us or telephone. We are always here to help.

When I sell my car will I buy another set of deflectors?
We hope you will. Once you have had a set on your vehicle you might not like driving without them. Most of our customers are like old friends, repeat buying DGA wind deflectors for twenty years or more. Why not join the club. We aim to look after you and we know our product is top quality. Why buy cheap when you can buy quality.

Point to remember:
Accessories which are not fitted properly can be dangerous. Read the instructions carefully before fitting and always comply with the instructions at all times. We are only a phone call away if you need any help.



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