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Wind Deflectors

Why Fit Wind Deflectors?

Wind Deflectors are more than a styling product. They are great for improving driver and passenger comfort on long journeys. For pet owners and smokers they provide perfect ventilation without the occupants getting wet.

• Windows can be left open when parked to allow fresh air for dogs.

• The air is fresh air, not potentially unhealthy air-conditioned air.

• Stay dry and allow air into the car.

• Smokers no longer need to get wet when driving in the rain.

• Prevent misting of side windows.

• Cut condensation in the winter.

• Reduces side glare from the sun.

In addition, they improve the styling of many vehicles, as all our wind deflectors are grey smoked and slimline. Our Wind Deflectors can be fitted in minutes without any tools and without any specialist knowledge.


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